Digital Signage

VMG has developed our own contactless interactive content management system (CMS) for digital signage systems. Our proprietary system allows for a custom-branded user interface (UI) that users can control utilizing their smart devices without the need to touch anything other than their phone. VMG can deploy and manage systems in large sporting, concert, government, and public sectors. Our ability to engineer the CMS backbone and create content in-house makes us a one-stop-shop for precise deployment.

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory has always had some of the latest technology in the fitness studio industry. However, they faced a lack of digital communications in their studios. Orangetheory staff was unable to provide pertinent information about the studio to their members digitally. Orangetheory Fitness sought a custom Content Management System (CMS) software that could expand with the increasing speed and scale that Orangetheory was growing.

Veteran Media Group partnered with a digital content technology business to provide a customizable software platform for Orangetheory Fitness to host and manage their unique content on LED Displays throughout the fitness studios.

Cisco / JTA Integration

VMG was engaged by Cisco Systems, Inc. to help design and integrate 23 external bus bay screens for the Jacksonville Transit Authority (JTA) at their new Regional Transportation Center at LaVilla. The digital signage integration allows commuters to receive real-time visual data on bus routes as they travel.

Programming the bus bay terminal screens required VMG to coordinate with NextBus – which provides real-time GPS location data on where the bus is on the route. The API integration included the design and layout of information such as the bay number, bus arrival time, route number, and bus departure time.