Connecting with Customers During COVID-19: How to Make Digital Communications More “Human”

make digital communication more human

Businesses big, small and in-between went through some significant changes in 2020 to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the main changes being shifting from interpersonal communications and physical interaction to virtual and hands-free communication. If you’re like many, the main focus last year in making this transition was efficiency. You had to change and change quickly – likely …

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The Digital Difference: How Digital Signage Improves Customer Engagement and Experience

digital signage improves experience

Digital signage is a broad term to describe electronic signage used to display digital images, video, graphics, etc. Digital signage is everywhere: store fronts, airports, bus stations, malls, hotels, restaurants and more. Digitals displays and signage use technologies such as LCD and LED to convey various messages to consumers. Digital displays and signage make a huge impact on customer engagement …

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