Superbowl 2020

Set Design and Production

Veteran Media Group (VMG) partnered KTDC with to design and install a unique production set in collaboration with Van Wagner Sports for Super Bowl LIV in Miami, Florida. We combined custom etched acrylic panels with mirrors and lighting to create this simplistic yet energetic set.

Footage from the video shoot was later used in the production of content at Hard Rock Stadium, such as player interstitials, hype videos, kickoff promos, etc.


Creative Director:
Ryan Kehn, Van Wagner Productions

Associate Creative Director/Editor:
Alex McMeekin, Van Wagner Productions

Set Design/Lighting/Production:
Kristin Territo, KTDC
Omar Feliz, KTDC
Darin Fauver, KTDC
Stephen Banks, VMG
Andrew Pham, VMG

Matthew Bergbauer