Flyers Media Day 2019

Set Design and Production

Veteran Media Group (VMG) partnered KTDC, in collaboration with the Philadelphia Flyers production team to design and install a unique production set for the Flyers 2018 Media Day Shoot.  VMG designed and built the custom set while KTDC created custom animations for the LED’s behind the players.  The animations encompassed the team’s colors, logo, and elements from their 2018 style guide.

Footage from the video shoot was later used in the production of content for digital, broadcast, and in-venue channels, such as the show open, player headshots, game promotions, gladiator shots, logo wipes, etc.


Creative Director:
Kristin Territo, KTDC
Stephen Banks, VMG

Set Design/Lighting/Production:
Stephen Banks, VMG
Andrew Pham, VMG
Bryan Dillard, Media Monsters
Ross Lockwood, Media Monsters

Kristin Territo, KTDC
Omar Feliz, KTDC

Media Monsters

Matthew Bergbauer